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Recently Seattle Geeky Girls discovered a new pacific northwest photography group, Undiscovered Photography, based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  They have a penchant for geeky and cosplay type photography.  Having worked with some of the cosplayers featured on the Seattle Geeky Girls website, as well as contributing a few sets themselves, we thought it would be a good idea to get to know our new friends up north.

Jessie, Courtney, and the gang were happy to answer a few questions...

SGG:  How did Undiscovered Photography get started?

Undiscovered:  We began trying to find our niche through the traditional outlets of portrait and wedding photography, but never felt that we were finding our target client.

One day our children were running around the house dressed up as their favorite superheroes.  They stopped in the studio and asked for their picture to be taken. We decided we needed to go outside to get some action poses, and by the end of the mini session you could say we “hit the jackpot tiger”.

SGG:  How many photographers are involved with Undiscovered Photography?

Undiscovered: Currently there are 5 - We began with just Jessie and Courtney, until at our first convention we met Britany Quinn, and recently we added Bryan.  Next came our social media coordinator and cosplayer extraordinaire, Sidney.  

SGG:  Is it Photography Geeks, or Geek Photographers?

Undiscovered: We feel geek is a synonym for passion and each of our totem poles of geekdom are wonderfully varied and diverse within our team. It’s really up to the individuals who meet us to bring out either side.

SGG:  How long have you guys been doing geek/cosplay photography?

Undiscovered: We began the journey into our rebrand into Geek/Cosplay photography early in Feb 2013 following the experience with our children. We redesigned our logo and went to our first convention and then our second, third, fourth and became addicted.

SGG:  Do you attend Cons?  Which ones are your favorite(s)?

Undiscovered: WE LOVE CONS! All of them. I don’t think that we could pick a favorite (safely…).

SGG:  What was the first con you attended?  What brought you there?


SGG:  What do you think makes a great cosplay?

Undiscovered: Great cosplay is passion for being that character, whether the costume cost is $3 or $3,000. Cosplay is about fun, people, and creativity (and some really great pictures by yours truly).

SGG:  Do you have a favorite character?


SGG:  Do any of you cosplay at Cons?  Which characters?

Undiscovered: To date Jessie has done Frank West of Dead Rising once, Courtney has a Zelda cosplay, Bryan has Dipper of Gravity Falls coming and Sidney is a GIANT DC Comics fan and has done Nightwing, Robin(s), Zatanna, Black Canary, and Oracle. Sidney is currently working on Anna from Frozen and Mabel from Gravity Falls.

SGG:  Do you have any recommendations for those wishing to get into cosplay/geek photography?

Undiscovered: Be creative and PLEASE do not photograph people flat against a wall! Go low, get high, make the cosplayer jump (only if they say they can) and always get them to do a signature move! Research the trends, ask questions and never touch without permission.

One last note…. Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, use a contract. It protects you both from misunderstood expectations and planned uses.  

SGG:  Is there any one particular cosplayer you  would like to photograph? Why?

Jessie: D piddy… I love that guy…. and if he see’s this… Call me maybe…. Seriously. I love you. 

Courtney: For me it is Kamui Cosplay because she is incredibly epic in her cosplay designs and painting.

Britany Quinn: I shoot mostly behind the scenes, but for me I would love to have a chance to work with Danquish again. We have had a brief opportunity a few times in the past and I look forward to it again!

Bryan: I am crazy about Harley’s Joker so he is my cosplayer I can’t wait to photograph. I am so jealous of Jessie and Britney Quinn who have met and photographed him!

Sidney: I dream of photographing Courtoon, Yaya Han and a not sexy Nigri. Like in her Deadpool cosplay!

SGG:  What equipment and/or software do you use?

Undiscovered: We edit using a combination of Photoshop Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC and are proficient in using either natural light or strobes for our on location and convention Cosplay photography.

SGG:  How can cosplayers get a shoot booked with you?

Undiscovered: We do take bookings in advance for conventions we are attending to allow location selection and research on the Cosplay’s we photograph, to be as accurate and epic as possible.  

Anyone interested in booking a shoot can EMAIL US or call us at (250) 331-9221

SGG:  Any shameless plugs you would like to put out there?


On The Web: 


Sidney on Facebook: 

As Jessie’s favourite anime quote goes:  Love & Peace (out)

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