CINERAMA is inviting all Seattle Geeky Girls fans to attend the world premiere of UFOTOG FREE! [Read more...]

Seattle Geeky Girls has been contacted about a PAYING cosplay gig for PAX Prime. If you want to go to PAX, and would like to be paid to do it, this might be your chance! [Read more...]

Now that I have your attention, here are the details. Machinima, the premier online entertainment network, is looking for for one female and one male cosplayer from the Seattle area to help them promote Mortal Kombat Legacy II. They are offering to pay for a badge AND pay a reasonable dail... [Read more...]

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Help Them Finish the Fight

By Super Geek on 3/30/2015
Galactic Battles is an Open Movie Project is a non-profit movie-grade fan film that brings four of your favorite sci-fi franchises together under one roof - Halo, Mass Effect, Star Wars, and Star Trek.
Commander Sheppard
Mass Effect
Star Trek
Star Wars

Undiscovered Photography visits the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

By Super Geek on 4/29/2014
This was Undiscovered Photography's 2nd year at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and the convention has changed drastically since the year previous. The convention has grown exponentially with an increase this year of 37,000 attendees, bringing the total attendance to 97,000, making it the largest convention in Canada. Calgary Expo did however suffer some growing pains.

Fan Expo Vancouver 2014

By Seattle Geeky Girls on 4/23/2014

Fan Expo Vancouver was certainly the highlight event for many convention goers on Easter weekend. This year, Fan Expo was in a bigger venue and tons of work went into its production. The new venue meant lots of walking (thank goodness for the escalators!) just to get inside the hall, but great things come with a price...

Tsukino Con 2014

By Seattle Geeky Girls on 2/25/2014

Tsukino is a well attended Vancouver Island convention bringing Anime, & Geek lovers alike together in Victoria. The panels are varied, everything from Q&As, audience participation games, business related, and some that go a little deeper to the heart of an issue. Swimsuit contest, talent contest, air guitar contest, panels with guests and how-to's. Since we couldn't go to all of them I wish to highlight the few we joined in on.

Long Beach Horror and Comic Con: Part II

By TheYellowRanger on 12/14/2013

Alright folks, here is part two of my great experience at Long Beach Horror and Comic Con. Thank you for reading these articles covering the adventures I had while attending the conventions in California, and please remember to check out the photo galleries!


We Discover A Gem by Seattle Geeky Girls
Undiscovered Photography, based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, answers some questions about their work and geeky loves.

Do You Have Something To Say? by Seattle Geeky Girls
We are looking for writers - As the Seattle Geeky Girls site continues to evolve and grow into the premier online community for cosplay in the Pacific Northwest there is an ever-growing need for more content.
Seattle Geeky Girls was at NorWesCon 36 this weekend. If you weren't there, you missed one of Seattle's best conventions for SciFi and Fantasy cosplay.
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