Undiscovered Photography visits the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

Apr 29 2014
This was Undiscovered Photography's 2nd year at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and the convention has changed drastically since the year previous. The convention has grown exponentially with an increase this year of 37,000 attendees, bringing the total attendance to 97,000, making it the largest convention in Canada. Calgary Expo did however suffer some growing pains.

Fan Expo Vancouver 2014

Apr 23 2014

Fan Expo Vancouver was certainly the highlight event for many convention goers on Easter weekend. This year, Fan Expo was in a bigger venue and tons of work went into its production. The new venue meant lots of walking (thank goodness for the escalators!) just to get inside the hall, but great things come with a price...

Tsukino Con 2014

Feb 25 2014

Tsukino is a well attended Vancouver Island convention bringing Anime, & Geek lovers alike together in Victoria. The panels are varied, everything from Q&As, audience participation games, business related, and some that go a little deeper to the heart of an issue. Swimsuit contest, talent contest, air guitar contest, panels with guests and how-to's. Since we couldn't go to all of them I wish to highlight the few we joined in on.

Long Beach Horror and Comic Con: Part II

Dec 14 2013

Alright folks, here is part two of my great experience at Long Beach Horror and Comic Con. Thank you for reading these articles covering the adventures I had while attending the conventions in California, and please remember to check out the photo galleries!

Long Beach Horror and Comic Con: Part I

Dec 07 2013

Let me start out by saying that Long Beach Horror & Comic Con was fantastic. I had a blast the entire time I was there. I think it could stay the same somewhat modest size in years to come and still be amazing, but it definitely has the potential for growth. Even more fun stuff, I say! I've split this article in two just like I did with my last con article to allow for more info on all the fun I had.

Look. Don't Leer. Talk. Don't Touch.

Nov 30 2013

When I was at Comikaze Expo, I got to see and meet several lovely people. Artists, writers, cosplayers, celebrities, and so forth. I suppose I should really include cosplayers and celebrities in the same category, as cosplayers have become celebrities in their own right. Beautiful, nerdtastic, talented, charismatic—it makes sense, doesn't it? It is for these particular reasons that I actually have to say that I understand the inclination to become enamored with them. It's only natural to be a little star struck. That doesn't however mean that one can take things beyond that point.

Review of Comikaze Expo Part II

Nov 22 2013

Here is part II of my article and be prepared, it's a long one. I thought originally that I would break this work into yet another part, but decided against it.

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