About Seattle Geeky Girls

Seattle Geeky Girls came about from a discussion between two friends. Both are very outspoken geeks with many loves in the genres of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, comic books, gaming, and more. They both also had a great appreciation of cosplaying and costuming they saw at local Seattle conventions. They decided to launch Seattle Geeky Girls as a fun website project to spotlight the costuming and cosplayers local to the Seattle area while giving geeky girls an outlet for their creativity through costuming. Seattle Geeky Girls wanted to show the world that not only could women be geeky and attractive, geeky women can be attractive beyond what society and media deems “attractive”.

As the project grew, faster then anyone expected, it was decided to make Seattle Geeky Girls more than just a place for Geeky models and cosplayers in Seattle to show off their costumes. Seattle Geeky Girls is now a place for all things geek from the perspective of women. Not only does Seattle Geeky Girls show off Geeky cosplayers and models, this is now a place for geeky women to express their opinions, reviews, thoughts, and express what it means to be a Geeky Girl in today’s society.

Seattle Geeky Girls is always looking for costume models, bloggers, video blogs, comics, podcast/audio files, anything really that a Geeky girl can use to let the world here what they have to say and that we can host on our website. If you are interested in being a Seattle Geeky Girls content provider please visit our “Submissions” page for details.

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